Dilate World is an organization that utilizes the mass communications of film, theater and multi-media to open minds and dismantle the stereotypes we have about one another, whether they be in the category of race, gender, class or sexual orientation, etc.

Dilate World also hosts productions in the metropolitan New York area to further explore diversity and the influence of stereotypes in our entertainment and culture. Each tri-annual online issue of dw will feature commentary by writers on the rise, and provides information about how to attend Dilate World events. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


What TV shows are you looking forward to this Fall season?
We found out!


* Fall Issue Articles *

by Brian T. Armbrust
  Breath, Boom
by Lauren Britt-Elmore
Films from New Directors
by Derek Lam
  Cash Money Hungry
By Karrie Myers
King Hedley II
By Lauren Britt-Elmore
  Three Years in the Gap
by Angela Tucker
Conversations I'm Tired
of Having with Myself

by Sharon Hill

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