Pounding the Pavement

With each new installment of Dilate World, we'll pound the pavement, asking the public throughout the five boroughs different questions about entertainment and what they think of it. Our latest romp took place at Fort Greene, which-mysteriously-dilateworld is headquartered three blocks from. Our question to local Brooklynites was:

Q: What television shows in the new Fall season
are you most looking forward to?

Norris, Purchase Agent
"I can't say I'm excited because I hardly watch any TV. I'm an early to rise, late to bed type person. There must be a lot of things on TV that excite people, though.




Eddie, Law Student
"I don't watch TV. I watch movies on video. They tend to be low budget and independent, for the most part. Foreign films. I have very little patience for American television. I think it's crappy. The only thing I watch is Oprah very late at night, because I love Oprah. I don't think she does trash television. I watch PI [Politically Incorrect] right before.

Larissa, Non-Profit Administration
I do watch some television. After work, I watch sitcoms, but not on a regular basis. I watch a lot of movies. Mostly foreign movies.

"I mean, the sitcoms are good. I love Sex in the City, but I don't have cable. During the week, I don't have time...I'm a student. But I just watched twelve episodes on video.


Ola, District Manager for Community Board II
"I have a very interesting situation because my parents never cared for us watching TV that much. But, I don't think anyone said it better than Sonia Sanchez in 1996 when she said, 'You all need to turn off that idiot box!'. And she was right, because much of what you see on television really doesn't do much to better the human spirit. I don't really watch a lot of it, not only because of time constraints, but because there really is no substance. But that's just me."


Daniel, Photographer
"I'm too busy trying to get work. Photography is a twenty-four hour kind of job."




Ted, Salesman
"I think there is way too much exposure with the reality shows, especially the ones I've seen recently...what is it...Fear Factor? It's ridiculous, it's dangerous. Absolutely NOT the reality shows! I think Seinfeld definately was the a show I'd watch. That was my favorite show. Once it was off the air, I didn't watch TV as much as I used to. I mean, there's sports, no question about it. What can I say? I'm a man! He-my son-watches Digimon. Pokemon isn't as popular. It's Digimon.


Michelle, Student
"I don't care if any programs come back. I don't watch television, so it doesn't matter."



Alfredo, City Worker
"A show I WON'T be seeing is The Weakest Link. I hate that show."

dw: "Why do you hate it?"

"The lady. The lady...she sucks."



Natty, Dog
"I haven't seen anything that has gotten my attention."

dw: "Do you watch TV?"

Arlington, Television Producer
"I watch Ally McBeal, Boston Public, The West Wing and...what's the one with the cops? Law & Order. There's this one show called The Other Half. It's a show where men talk about issues with women. It's coming on Fox. I'm curious to see what that'll be like.




Tracy, Wannabe Actor
"I like a little something with humor, but I'm not really excited about anything in the Fall. I'm a little bit of an HBO fan, but I don't have cable. Oz and that new show, 6 Feet Under, look pretty good. It just seems like the new shows are focused around comedy; it has joke-type humor and I'm not into that. When the season comes, I'm into NBA.



Well, if you ask these folks, it looks like nothing interesting is coming on television this Fall. Not Fall. Not Summer. Not EVER. Me, I've always loved picking out new shows to watch each exciting new season. It's like Christmas.

I'm looking forward to the new shows Crossing Jordan, Philly, Alias, Thieves and 24. And let's not forget my favorite repeat offenders, Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Felicity. Is Max going to die? Is Buffy really dead? Will Ben come back to find Felicity has shacked up with Noel? We'll just have to wait and watch!

See you in the Fall!


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